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Learning Robotic Arm Control with a Body-Machine Interface

IRB Protocol Number STU00210069


Andrew Thompson


The Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院 is conducting a research study that will evaluate how people learn to fully control a robotic arm using a body-machine interface.

We need participants with (ref: injured) and without (ref: uninjured) past spinal cord injuries. Injured participants have no history of neuromotor impairments or any other conditions that affect arm, shoulder, or upper trunk mobility.

We are investigating a new approach for learning the control of assistive devices with a body-machine interface, for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Your participation will be used to evaluate whether this approach can improve the control of assistive devices, such as robotic arms by individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Participants in this study will:

  • Operate a simulated and/or robotic arm to perform common daily tasks using arms and/or shoulders.
  • Answer questionnaires about the tasks performed.

The study length will be 15 sessions, lasting 2 hours each, over approximately 2 months (3 sessions per week).

For more information, please contact Andrew Thompson at or Fiona Neylon at

Who Can Participate

  • Ages 18+ (uninjured), 16+ (injured)
  • Able to give informed signed consent


Participants will receive a stipend per session.

Age Range

Ages 18+ (uninjured), 16+ (injured)

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