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Patient Billing

Patient Financial Services



Here at Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院, we understand hospital billing can be confusing for patients and their families, so we with you and your insurance provider to help make the process easy to understand every step of the way. 

We also welcome patients and their families, as well as the public, to view Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院's standard hospital charges for patient services. Requests for specific price estimates or viewing appointments should be directed to Patient Financial Services at 312-238-6039.

Inpatient Billing


During the admitting process, your Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院 admitting representative will discuss with you the financial aspects of your stay. In addition, you will have a patient financial services representative to answer individual billing questions.

Outpatient/DayRehab? Billing


Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院 bills for all services as an outpatient hospital visit, including your Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院 physician visits. It is important that you understand your insurance plan coverage and how this may affect your out-of-pocket expenses, including co-pays and deductibles.

Two Separate Bills


Because physician services are billed separately, you should expect to receive two (2) separate bills for each visit with a Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院 physician. Physician bills will come under the heading “RIC Medical Services” and will contain the professional services that were provided. The second bill will be from Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院 (the hospital) and will contain charges for use of the facility.

The sum of these two (2) bills – physician and hospital – will equal the total charge of the office visit. You are not being double-charged.

Charity Care Financial Assistance


Uninsured or underinsured patients should consult with Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院’s admitting and billing staff to determine whether they qualify for financial assistance or other discounts. For more information on our Charity Care Financial Assistance Program, please click here.

Price Transparency


Pursuant to federal law intended to promote price transparency in healthcare, Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院 is providing the public with information to help consumers make informed decisions when shopping for healthcare. The information is presented in good faith and believed to be without error at the time of publication. We may, from time to time, update this information to correct any identified errors.

Commonly used (“shoppable”) services: In addition to the cost of 70 services we are required to include (marked as N/A if we do not provide the service), we are including the cost to the consumer of the services that we provide most often. For each service listed in this “shoppable” services file, consumers can find: (i) the price we charge, which does not reflect the price we are paid or the out-of-pocket costs a patient may be responsible for; and (ii) the self-pay price we offer to United States residents without insurance.

Complete listing of services: In addition to the “shoppable” services file, consumers can review a complete listing of charges for all services provided by Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院. In this file, presented as a single digital file in machine-readable format, consumers can find: (i) the price we charge, which does not reflect the price we are paid or the out-of-pocket costs a patient may be responsible for; and (ii) the self-pay price we offer to United States residents without insurance.

Unless otherwise specified, the costs included in these files are on a per-unit basis, not a per-appointment basis. For example, physical therapy may be billed in 15-minute increments (units), and a one-hour appointment would be billed as four (4) units.

Consumers should note that inpatient hospital charges are determined by the services a patient receives during their stay with us. Each patient’s exact plan of care and treatment will vary based on their specific diagnosis, rehabilitation needs, progress towards recovery, and length of their stay. Inpatient services marked by an asterisk (*) in place of cost are services included in the overall cost of an inpatient stay. We do not bill these services separately during inpatient stays. Additionally, our patients may receive services that are provided and billed by other entities involved in the patient’s care. Therefore, although we are able to anticipate most of the services an inpatient will need, consumers should not rely on these lists as a guarantee of cost.

Consumers should also note that drug costs included in these files is on a per-unit basis. Billed charges for the administration of drugs depends upon dosage and amount administered, which may change from one visit to another depending upon each patient’s medical needs. Therefore, consumers are advised to contact us to assist with calculation of cost.

While we strive for accuracy and transparency, the actual cost of services relies on numerous factors which cannot all be accounted for in a price list or a cost estimator. Consumers are advised to contact their health insurer to confirm individual payment responsibilities and remaining deductible balances.

Consumers using this information acknowledge their understanding that it is not a guarantee of price. In order to determine a more accurate estimate of cost, or for questions about services not included on these lists, consumers are advised to contact our Patient Financial Services department at 312-238-6039.

See accepted insurance for information about in-network providers.

Fair Patient Billing Policy

Surprise Billing Protections


When you see a doctor or other health care provider, you may owe certain out-of-pocket costs, like a copayment, coinsurance, or deductible. If you have commercial insurance and you see a provider or visit a health care facility that isn’t in your health plan’s network, you may have additional costs or have to pay the entire bill. In certain cases, federal law protects you from these additional costs. You can read more about your protections by downloading the Disclosure Notice below.

Right to a Good Faith Estimate


Federal law requires health care providers and facilities to provide a good faith estimate of expected charges for items and services to both uninsured patients and patients who have insurance but do not plan to have their insurance pay for the services they receive. If you are uninsured, or intend to pay for services yourself, you have a right to a good faith estimate. You can read more about your rights by downloading the Notice of Right to Good Faith Estimate below.

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