At Shirley Ryan 嫩B研究院, we continue to lead in our comprehensive care for children and adolescents with traumatic injuries, congenital and developmental disorders, and those surviving cancer. We also continue our leadership in providing the best — and sometimes only — hope of recovery for infants, toddlers and teens surviving tragic circumstances such as gunshot wounds or abuse.



The Pediatric Innovation Center provides state-of-the-art care and features a comfortable, colorful and uplifting atmosphere for young patients, their families and caregivers. Clinicians and scientists associated with the Center include exceptionally qualified practitioners in specific areas of care — particularly in the special competencies required to treat children. To drive the best possible outcomes for their young patients, these pediatric specialists also leverage the leading knowledge and discoveries evolving in other Innovation Centers (Brain; Spinal Cord, Nerve, Muscle & Bone; Cancer).

How We Heal

Those who are passionate about helping kids are special people. Together they pursue ways to treat impairments and conditions affecting our young patients. With extensive experience and the most advanced medicine, science and technology, our Pediatric team focuses on helping children and teens live happier, more able lives.

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Pediatric Innovation Center

Leading the world in advancing knowledge of conditions affecting function and development in children, our Pediatric Innovation Center is the only one of its kind in the Midwest.

Pediatric Lab

The lively Grainger Pediatric Lab is specifically designed for Pediatric patients (inpatients and outpatients). In this Lab, children and teens work with doctors, researchers and therapists on advancing ability. The equipment and facilities in this Lab are scaled for both younger children and adolescents of all ages.

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Legs + Walking Lab

The Margaret & Mark Stephan Legs + Walking Lab is designed for patients and research participants with diagnoses affecting lower-body function due to brain or spinal cord injury and diseases of the nerves, muscles and bones. 嫩B研究院ers and clinicians focus on advancing trunk, pelvic and leg function, movement, coordination, strength and balance.

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Think + Speak Lab

The Robert R. McCormick Think + Speak Lab is designed for those recovering the ability to think, reason, perceive, swallow, eat, talk, interact with others and make decisions — all of which are key for returning to everyday life. In this Lab, combined therapeutic care and scientific application help patients recover these building blocks of ability.

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Arms + Hands Lab

The two-story Harris Family Foundation Arms + Hands Lab is a robust environment designed for patients and research participants working on recovering and strengthening complex hand and reaching skills — turning a key, picking up a pen, reaching for a glass, putting on a sweater … all the many things we do with our hands, arms and fingers.

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Strength + Endurance Lab

The two-story Nancy W. Knowles Strength + Endurance Lab is designed for patients and research participants who are working on building stamina and resilience. In this Lab, therapy is focused on improving complex motor and endurance activities, coordination and higher-level activities of daily living (cooking, dressing, gardening, sports).

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By The Numbers

This Ability Lab is a world leader in advancing knowledge and care of conditions effecting function and development of children of all ages — infancy through adolescence. Lets take a look at some of the numbers behind this lively, technology-driven environment.

  • 51K

    The number of square feet this spacious single-story Lab occupies. Filled with state of the art care, technology and equipment, this colorful space promotes engagement & healing.

  • 3

    Unique spaces designed with different age groups in mind. The Inpatient Toddler Playroom, the Child Life Playroom, and the Pediatric Ability Lab.

  • 38

    Large, private patient rooms specifically designed for our pediatric patients and their families.

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What We Treat

By employing the most advanced medicine, science and technology, our Pediatric team focuses on helping children and teens live happier, more able lives.